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Photo blur on left side
226 1 4-10 05:16
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Jay W
Second Officer
Flight distance : 173635 ft

Hi all;

I seem to notice that the pictures i take with the Mavic Pro is slightly off focus on the left side.

Does anyone have this issue?

I have never had any accicents with the MP nor any hard knocks to the gimbal or camera module. Been flying for about one and half years now.

I have attached a picture I took last week. You can see the buildings on the left seems off focus and the ones on the right is sharper.
I have the DJI ND4 filter on the camera but removing it does not seem to improve. Video seems to be fine though, with and without ND filter.

Any advice?

Left seems blur

Left seems blur
4-10 05:16
Use props
United States

People have reported similar left side or right side or mix of blurring.  Blurring in some cases was traced back to lens of camera being misaligned.
4-10 07:59
Use props
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