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388 1 2019-4-10
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 81467 ft
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United Kingdom

I have had inspire 1 and inspire 2 x3 and x4s cameras ,inspire 1 with x5 camera give me a good picture ,bought inspire 2 with x4s camera at first the picture looked good,
then update pictures took on edgy look when you took them into NLE , i was running with sharpness at -3 and then lifting in DaVinci still not right, rolled back on inspire 2
the stabality was a lot better but still edgy pictures. Now here's the thing if you play on Quicktime 7Pro the pictures look the way they should, last week splashed out on x5s
arrived this morning just spend most of the day going through every possible variation that is in the inspire 2 still the pictures are edgy sparkly my thoughts are when one
of the updates went in the recorder on board changed. anyboby got any thoughts ideas.
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Matthew Dobrski
Flight distance : 1700092 ft
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I'll gladly try to help, but I have no idea what are you talking about ... Would you show us some samples if images in question, highlighting the issue?
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