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RESOLVED: How to immediately cancel a pano and regain control of AC
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I've experienced delays of 10-15 seconds cancelling a pano. Not sure why the delay, perhaps writing files? With Go 4  latest version and P4P with latest firmware, pressing the square stop button on the screen in the app does not return control of the AC immediately, no response to joysticks while this happening. The only thing I found that got a response during this delay from the RC to AC was pressing RTH. I fly in wooded areas with a lot of low flying helicopters and GA. A lot can happen in that delay.

One thing I didn't try was switching to Atti mode and back to P mode, same way that can be used to cancel Litchi waypoint missions.

Until I can figure out a way to regain control immediately, no above tree-line panos for me.

Any suggestions? I already tried switching to JPEG only thinking longer RAW file writes might have something to do with it, but I couldn't tell any difference in the delay.

RESOLUTION Update 4/25/2019

As suspected and suggested below by Labroides, flipping out of P mode and back with the toggle switch on the left side of RC cancels an in-progress pano immediately
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The usual way to cancel any automated flight (RTH, POI etc) is to flick the flight mode switch to atti mode and back.
If the camera is the problem, that might not work though but it should be worth trying..
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Use props
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