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Inspire 2 Issues while Filming Live Event
532 2 2019-4-12
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I am looking to see if anyone else has tried this or has some tips. I am trying to make my laptop a base station for my drone operations.

More Detail:

When I am filming the Score International Baja Off Road Races in Mexico. I am streaming my drone feed live as part of a bigger live production using a Taradeck and Blackmagic 4 channel HDMI switch to a Satalite. I run an HDMI from the remote of the Inspire 2 to the Blackmagic switch.  I am able to get  a VLC player steam on my laptop from the network stream as a back end monitor, essentially the final signal I am sending to the production truck with drops out and all.       Because the video runs through the Blackmagic then the Taradeck then sent to the Internet then back to my computer using a satalite in the middle of nowhere, there is a ton of video lag, understandbly.

I want to utalize my second HDMI OUT from my Crystal Sky to my laptop and use my laptop as a video monitor for my support team. Does anyone know how to monitor the HDMI feed from the Crystal Sky on a laptop. Is there a software that will see that feed?

2nd: I keep having really bad issues with my Video Transmission from my Inspire to the remote. This is really important as i am giving a live feed from my monitoring signal HDMI Out. So each time i have a Video Drop out it goes on the live broadcast. For this last race San Felipe 250 April 6th 2019, I was losing video transmission at around 1000 ft. while maintaing a solid control tranmission of the drone. where before i would get great video feed until the drone would lose connection to the remote. Any suggestions?

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I filmed some live events but for simplicity I use the Cendence SDI output to connect with the directing truck.
in DGI GO4 I set the broadcast live view option and 10 Mbit downlink.
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Check if the frequency is 5.8 or 2.4
At least here in Europe, 2.4 works better.
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