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DJI Mavic 2 Pro front arm LED problem
368 1 2019-4-13
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This winter my DJI Mavic 2 Pro has fallen down into the snow because of wire. Battery was removed immediately. Height was around 5 meters. Nothing too critical. Snow was blowed out so in 20 minutes the drone was completely dry and clean. But for sure I didn't fly for the next 2 days. Everything was working fine except LED on the left arm. Sometimes it was just blinking, sometimes it was synchronous like on the right arm, sometimes it was completely turned off. While soft pressing on it everything was returning back to normal for some time. After I tried to remove the cap (at the bottom of motor) it was working fine more often than previous but during the flight I still faced the same issue. Today I tried to detach the cap but no success (something doesn't allow be to detach it from the arm) I returned it back, tighten screws, but now the LED is completely turned off. I think that there is something wrong with wires so I would like to check them. Can someone help me to remove the cap? Probably somebody has the same issue so it will be helpful. Related photos are attached.

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Hi Varsent, I'm really sorry to know that. I would recommend you contact our support team to start up a ticket: We have the professional team who would do their best to find out the crash reason and then the corresponding resolution would be provided. Please note that DJI will not perform data analysis for cases occurring after the expiry of the warranty period; hence, valid charges will apply. Thank for your support.
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