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Trigger button suddenly stopped working
676 3 2019-4-14
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Hello. I’ve had my Ronin S for about a week. Never even took it outside and only been testing in the house for maybe 3 hours in total for the past week. All of a sudden, the trigger button no longer re-centers the camera or puts the camera in selfie mode.
Which got me thinking, I've never managed to lock my camera with the trigger. The re-center and selfie mode worked until today, but I've been trying to lock the camera and never managed to. I never gave it much thought and I decided to leave it for now and figure it out later, but I guess it simply doesn't work.

I have to do those controls via the app. I’m really disappointed that it doesn’t work since I bought the Ronin S specifically for a big project coming up in a few weeks. The thing broke on me in a few hours of use. Really, really disappointed.

Everything is updated, camera is balanced perfectly. I then downgraded the Ronin to and still nothing, upgraded it back to the latest, and still nothing. Seems that the button died on a hardware level. What should I do?

Here's a video. I firstly double tap the trigger a couple of times, then triple tap for selfie mode. And then I hold it for locking, but nothing works.

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Hi karlo_m, we sincerely apologize for the unpleasant experience with Ronin-S, I'm afraid the device will need to be sent in for the repair service, please contact our support team to start a ticket, sorry again for the inconvenience caused.
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I've been experiencing trigger not working as well. No one seems to have an answer online. I've decided to open it up myself.

When you open up the 5 screws from the bottom of the motor (where you connect the battery), if you press on the trigger button, you should see 2 more screws stick out. The reason those screw sticks out when trigger us pressed down is because it is loose.

Simply screw those screw tight again, and then put everything back. Everything will be working again!
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Not sure if you want to go that way, but it might be worth a try
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