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Weird sound from gimbal when power up Mavic Pro
274 2 4-14 23:20
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I recorded the video and uploaded into youtube. Can anyone advise what is the problem here?

if unable able to view, you can copy and paste this link.

Thanks alot

4-14 23:20
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I've seen other posts with this same problem.

It's the gimbal banging into something when it is doing its power on test. Not sure how to fix. Maybe a gimbal calibration?
4-15 13:35
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Mine did that too after a care refresh replacement.  i let them know just for the record in case anything happened down the road.  Camera worked fine, so i never worried about it, nor was I willing to send it back and have the hassle of no drone for a longer time.  Never had any probs with the camera, my thought were that it's just hitting the frame during the power on spin up calibration.  Create a contact trail like I did to inform them of the problem if something happens later on.  Bolton
4-17 18:40
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