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Music in post editing.
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how can I add my own music to my edit? When I click ‘local music’ nothing happens.
4-15 10:45
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Hi, good day. We're sorry for the trouble that this has caused. For this one, the App supports adding local music. iOS only supports Music files without copyright which are imported or downloaded by ITUNES; new versions of Android system support adding local music. When using the App editor here's the process on how to add music on the local music file.
-Click Music
-choose the + at the bottom of the first picture to enter the second page
-The left is the Music Library and the right is the Local Music.

After that, you may now try to select some music in your library and you can now use that music as background music in your videos. Keep us posted on the latest update for us to further isolate the issue. Thank you for your kind and understanding. Have a safe and happy flying.
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fansde1177ff, your best bet is to switch to a dedicated editing app and then adding music will be so much simpler and more adjustable too. Editing is a lot easier on a dedicated app altogether. Whilst DJI Go is good for its primary purpose (ie flying the drone), its editing capabilities are very, very limited. If you are at the stage where you want to add music, you are bound to be getting frustrated in other bits of editing too. Have a look at this post: ... tware-should-i-use/ it covers all the dedicated apps that are worth considering, with costs and good/bad points and might help you choose an app that will make your life a whole lot easier.
4-28 03:06
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