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Competition? Possible drone for rural fire, search & rescue?
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United States

Parrot has annouced a new Anafi drone which has both regular camera and Thermal imager in one housing.
ANAFI Thermal
Whether new version will be competition to DJI, leave to debate.  

Do see where rural Fire departments and Search & Rescue teams who can not afford big bucks for professional level drone with Thermal imager, could afford this drone.

Question for those involved with Fire fighting and Search & Rescue teams is whether Thermal imager is good enough for such use?

        THERMAL-IMAGING CAMERA   :          
  •                     Sensor: FLIR LEPTON 3.5 microbolometer (radiometric)
  • Sensor resolution: 160x120  
  • HFOV: 57°  
  • Pixel pitch: 12µm  
  • Spectral band: 8-14µm
  • Thermal sensitivity: <50mK (0.050°C)

4-15 11:36
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Picanoc Jack
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showed my Mavic Pro to the fire Chief, the Fire Department  are very impressed by what it can do,  they did have one on hand but nowhere close to the Mavic,  the only hold back is that  they will need some members to pass certification test,  we are in a very rural area surrounded by lakes and bush, the drone would be quite helpful in a number of operations.
4-15 13:33
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DJI Tony
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. We're hoping that you could get the best feedback that you may need in regards to your query. What makes us different from our competitors is our absolute focus on developing our drone technology which made our products capable to perform various functions. Thank you for continued support.
4-15 13:41
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United Kingdom

Looks like this is their answer to the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. You've got to admire them for trying mate.
4-16 02:47
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