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Ronin S drifting
624 1 2019-4-15
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New Zealand

Hi My Ronin Pan motor is alway pulling when it's sitting still.

i can change the direction of the Pan motor but same thing happens...

a small fix is i set the deadband to HIGH and max speed to low in the control settings... this can stop it enough to use.

but it is still pulling a bit..... and some times to much to use and stuffs up my shoot.

I have attached a photo from the APP.

i have tried recailbrating a couple of times.... but as soon as i touch the controller to do any movments... it starts again.


screen shot

screen shot
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi there, your pan axis seems to fail to be balanced, please take something like the included charger and place it under one of the tripod legs and hold the handle. With your other hand, go into the App and run the Auto Tune and balance test. All 3 axes should be Excellent if properly balanced.
Once it is done, please calibrate the Joystick.
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