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Encountered lots of sand in the locks of Ronin 2
500 2 2019-4-16
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Manpreet Singh


Hi.We were filmimg for a commercial of Polaris in India. The shots were so designed that we were supposed to go quite close to running car at a speed of 70km/hr in sand which leads to a lot of dry sand splash on the stablizer through which the locks got intact with sand even after fully covering it with a polybag. We have successfully remove most of the sand which resulted in loss of grease from the locks & we have also noticed that while doing the initial balancing the roll axis of the stablizer it is not stopping at an angle of 30° but the balancing tests are saying excellent. This leads to the following quieries;
  • Is the roll axis is not stopping because we have loss some amount of grease?
  • Are we supposed to do a proper greasing of the locks, if yes? then what sort of grease is required to do the same.

Manpreet Singh.
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Hi Manpreet Singh, sorry for the late response and what happened to the Ronin 2.
The Roll axis balance is not much related to the grease, as long as the gimbal can be balanced and operated normally, don't worry.
We do not recommend to grease by yourself, if there is any problem with the lock, please send in the device for the evaluation.
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are u using the wireless controller ? is the gimbal drifting ? you might want to calibrate the joystick - google it there is a video showing how...
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