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DJI Pilot app not compatable with ipad Mini 5th gen
1030 1 2019-4-18
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United States

I run a matrice 210 with 2 controlers, and 2 crystal sky monitors.  I needed to start using GS pro for some construction jobs we have only to find out that it only works with Ipads.  So i buy a brand new Ipad mini 5th gen (2019) and it works great.  So i download the pilot app so i can use the ipad in the 2 controller setup with dual gimbals 1 being a thermal camera only to find out that the pilot app isnt compatible with the new ipad mini.  1st, your own software (GS pro) isnt even compatable with your own product (crystal sky). and the product i have to buy to use GS pro (ipad) isnt compatable with all of your software (dji pilot app).  can someone explain this logic to me?  Im stuck with constantly switchig thigs back and forth just to do certain things.  
Use props
Jim Mc Arthur
Flight distance : 41893 ft

Welcome to the world of DJI,,  Seems to be there way.
Use props
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