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NFZ imposed when no NFZ exists !
518 1 2019-4-19
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New Zealand


I have flown at my home in New Zealand over a 1 hescatre section for the past year or more with no flight restrictions at all, except of course common sense, respect of neighbours and altitude limits, without any issues. I loaded firmware 1.4.0500 yesterday, labeled as “Pricise Fly upgrade”  and have since been restricted to 60m height above take off level and several warning of approaching an airport no fly zone. The airport runway is 7km as the bird (or drone) flys so well outside that NFZ area.

When using Litchi the limits are far lower, around 25m height, rendering Litchi unusable !

I have searched all forums and can find no precise answer, i would be very grateful if anybody could please advise just what is going on with the DJI NFZs and/or how I can roll back the firmware .

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United States

You might check the DJI geo zone map HERE to see if the place where you are flying is truly in a NFZ. DJI changed the NFZ mapping so that a lot of the zones now look like a bow tie instead of a circle.
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