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Mavic Pro won't connect to pixel 2 xl
1373 3 2019-4-21
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Hey, I have been flying a mavic pro for about a year now and recently I switched from an samsung s7 to a google pixel 2 cl. Ever since i switched i have huge connection issues. No matter which port i use( normal or bottom), I can't seem to keep my phone connected to the drone. I got alot of lost connections, landing while looking at the drone, but with no camera feedback. I thought i fixed this by using airplane mode, but this stopped working also. The only way i can get a feed out of the drone is using the dji goggles and that seems to work, but i really want to connect the phone also. I have tried everything, from reinstalling the app many times over and over, flying in airplane mode to using different cables and ports. Is there way this could be a hardware issue? I am thinking at the remote, the phone itself has no issues.
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Hi and good day, my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that it caused.  If you're using the remote controller’s lower USB port, kindly make sure that the short cable on the left has been unplugged. The short cable should be disconnected.

You can also try the instruction below.
1. Enable the mobile device’s “Developer options”.
2. Enable the “USB debugging” option in the Developer options menu, connect the remote controller to the mobile device and try again.

If the connection still fails, update the mobile device’s system and try again. Please keep me posted if the issue persists. Thanks for your continued support.

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Hello, before I spend money on a Mavic Air drone, please could anyone tell me if a Google Pixel 2 is fully compatible with the drone? I have been able to successfully download the DJI GO 4 app with no issues so far, but obviously this is useless without a drone! Many thanks, boltfw
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Last approved list that I got from DJI.

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