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CRASH & REPAIR without DJI Care Plan
217 3 4-24 16:46
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High FlyerCokie
Flight distance : 701109 ft
New Zealand

Well I use to read peoples stories about crashing /loosing drones and thought wow that aint never going to happen to me.

I've owned my Mavic Pro for close to 2 and a half years and always flown with the untmost care just to let you know my statistics
Flight Time 40 Hrs 57 Mins , Total Distance 211,700 mtrs (211.7 k), 267 flights .
I am only a beginner compared to some people. Anyway this particular day I started to get confident and flew 4 km away (2,5 miles) breaking all the rules not visable at that distance
no matter how good your eyes are. I got back safe as houses and the battery was still reading 35 % at 30 it gave me the usual warning return home anyway I was a stones throw away and could see me Drone as plan as day (20 mtrs away) so decided to just fly around along a track through the bush until I got to 20% fliy back and land; well I was only 40 mteres away and all the return to home alarms started to bleep and it gave me 10 seconds to doing something ..........I just paniced and new exactly what was going to happen next. The Mavic decided I am coming home whether you like it or not. Another bad mistake was I had the RTH height set to 200 mtrs (650 ft) it just took off up and I couldn't see it because it was under the tree canopy YES it got to about 30 mtrs according to the flight record and the watching the flight path went round in cycles tearing of propellers and legs.
It didn't end there as it took me and 3 other people 40 mins to find it. It was quite damaged the camera was torn right off even though I had a protector on it and the 2 left legs were torn off plus a coulpe other bits and pieces missing.

DJI Care wasn't even come into the equation because New Zealand don't have it and it is too old. Luckly though my house contents insurance cover it to a value of $3000.00 NZD.  Lucky for me it was repairable at a cost NZD$950.00. So I am back up and flying. So if people you learn anything from this don't fly under tree canopys with flat batteries and return to home turn on.

Gimal Torn Off

Gimal Torn Off
4-24 16:46
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United States

Ouch!!!! But happy to hear you back flying. Also very good tip about flying with flat batteries.
4-24 17:30
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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi there, we are so sorry for the accident and glad to know you were able to get back in the air again, thanks for sharing your experience here which we all can learn from this, fly safely.
4-24 19:05
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 69213 ft
United Kingdom

Ouch that is some damage.... I was lucky yesterday, I crashed mine into a field... it had a soft landing so no damage to mine, glad you were able to claim against your contents insurance, I think mine is covered under my camera insurance, but will check later to make sure... Thanks for sharing
4-24 23:53
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