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DJI University
1852 0 2019-4-28
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Kuya Kano
Second Officer
Flight distance : 797913 ft

With so much to learn from DJI, becoming a UAV operator, applications in which your drone can be used, software, equipment... I've spent hours upon hours trying to learn what I can, where I can find it, and yet feel that I've still only scratched the surface on what DJI has to offer for me, my projects, and what I can do.
That being said, could I offer the suggestion to DJI to create a "DJI UNIVERSITY"?  Whether it be online, live online, or perhaps even branching locations of eductation, DJI has equipped us with some amazing technology.  I don't know if there is an educational field of study for UAV operation, but I can only imagine how many people are like me who have their DJI UAV, know a few things, yet wish they had a greater understanding to expand their potential application.
Imagine the cirriculum:

  • Basic aviation theory and flight
  • FAA laws and requirements for flight
  • Practical, professional and advanced applications for UAVs
  • How to apply intelligent flight programs to your project
  • Basic Photography and Video understanding
  • Mechanics of UAVs and troubleshooting
  • Basic maintenance and preventative maintenance
  • Software knowledge and settings
  • Professional UAV business Planning

Let me know what your thoughts are about this kind of concept for a greater education for UAV pilots.
When people stop and ask you about your UAV operations and you tell them you are a graduate of DJI University, and of course hold a proper FAA UAV license, that "stigma" that we all dislike about having a drone flyling around might disappear.

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