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DJI Multilink, need clarifications
643 0 2019-4-28
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1)I don't quite get the reasoning behind the suggestion to use the patch antenna to get better video feed unless...
The multilink enables the RC to receive the video feed directly from the aircraft while controls are sent trough the master so taking into account the previous statement it is reasonable to think that the multilink antenna is used to comunicate controls to the master and the omni antennas or the patch antennas are used to receive the video signal from the aircraft?
Please could an admin explain exactly how this works?

2)The batch of multilinks i received must be faulty as they do not connect eachoter, the slave just times out when trying to connect to the master.
Master is red light and slave is purple/pinkish light.
Auth code checks on both rcs.
RCs are up to date, am I missing something?
Use props
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