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DJI GO 4 UI doesen't fit new smartphones?
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Hello everyone, I would like to report my issue with the DJI GO 4 app on my Samsung S10. The S10 (as like all the newest smartphones) have very thin bezels around the sides of the screen. This cause that the left hand-grip of the RC cover partially the left action buttons (Precise takeoff, RTH, Flight modes and APAS) making them unreachable for my fingers *see picture. S10 and many other full-screen devices are in the market from quite a lot, DJI could fix this issue by simply moving the icons sligtly to the right or by resizing the whole app to a smaller screen ratio. Please let me know if you had the same issue and if you've found a solution.
Thank you all and have a nice flight!


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Easiest quick solution would be to look at something like an external holder.

like these ... -sif-easter-edition
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I would agree that a holder is perhaps a good option, as well as holding the phone they are a good choice for future expansion to using a tablet.

DJIs own offering works well, but I think the $15 might be prohibitive. but shipping is free over a certain amount if you were after other bits as well.

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Brad Bilger
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I had the same problem in reverse.  I use a Note 9 with an otterbox case.  The note was too long for the controller and too thick for the arms to grip.  I went to an office supply store and picked up a cheap phone holder for a car, mounted it on a peice of steel, cushioned the edges of the steel with leather and it works perfectly.  In addition, it raises up the phone above the controller so my hands slip under the phone.  Same thing as what you can buy, but I had fun building it.  
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DJI drones have a big picture in all there boxes .. saying made for iOS ..

The Android app is nothing short of a terrible port. Full of bugs.

Regardless if your a apple fan or not, get iOS device to fly your DJI product.. until such time as DJI make a native android app
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DJI Tony
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. Due to the latest device that you're using with our DJI Product, we're sorry that this specific mobile device that you've mentioned hasn't been tested by our engineers and it's not yet in the list of our recommended devices to be used in Mavic Air as of the time being. For additional information, the dimensions of the supported mobile devices of Mavic Air's RC is Thickness: 6.5 to 8.5 mm, Max. Length: 160 mm. Hope that this information would satisfy your query for today. Thank you for continued support.
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