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Cave flight?
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Just curious if anyone knows if drone flying where there is absolutely no satellites available, i.e. cave, is possible?

In one instance, i flew in a valley surrounded with trees and i literally almost crashed my drone. It seemed to not be able to communicate.
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Possible but not advisable as in place of GPS the drone will use VPS to maintain it's position and this is heavily dependant on sufficient light and the drone being able to detect the ground. If attempting this I would advice using prop guards and turn on the AUX lights on the drone - depending on how dark the cave is. (though the original MP does not have AUX lights if that is the drone you are using).
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Hello and good day. Thank you for reaching out and for the inquiry.  We are sorry that we don't recommend flying the drones inside a cave as the environment may have cause interference and may caused an incident and also during low light condition as the vision sensors may not work properly.  We suggest to choose an outdoor open area where the GPS is good, no magnetic interference, to fly the drone and check if all the functions are normal. Please take good care of your drone for personal safety and enjoy flying. Thank you for your support.
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Are you talking about flying to a cave and then flying into the cave or are you walking in the cave behind your drone as you fly?

I would definitely not recommend the first action. The second idea is doable but you still enough lighting to help the drones positioning. If you walk behind it you have a better chance of controlling it.
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