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#Dronestrategy Dubai Fly and preparedness&unexpected Police arrival
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#Middle East Dubai UAV fly permit application #
"Gear: Mavic Pro"

End of 2018, I took my wife part in a business trip to Dubai. It made my daughter go abroad for the first time, and it also made the most unforgettable fly drone experience in my life.

I believe that the first impression of Dubai is not only they are very rich, but also a lot of places worth flying drones. The purpose of sharing this experience is to share local complaining low flying as result police arrival.  

Because "we used DJI UAV to see the world, we only want to shot the beautiful landscape", and finally I was released because of the beautiful footage. When the police came, I also thought about the worst ending: the police questioned my careers, the purpose of coming to Dubai, checking the passport information, and admiring the non-professional photographers to make Dubai so beautiful under camera, and finally checked all pictures and videos ensure that there are no illegitimate illegal images after release.

Hope you enjoy the movies I cut :

Burj Khalifa

Dubai frame

I will share some works and maps of the tour on this platform.

Practical Approach
Offline maps are more practical. Of course, no map still can fly

Safety flight
The safe flight reminders in DJI have been listed in detail on the official website:
1. The weather is changing rapidly: I have encountered a situation in which strong winds can't fly back, like a kite blowing down the wind, powerfully unable to return. Of course, DJI has given reminders to some of the videos to the novices. At that time, when I flew to the designated point, I had already set a high altitude. When I started shooting, I found that the positioning was moving forward.  I started to continue uninterruptedly. I was slow to fly in the direction of my home by descending. Of course, I was at full speed.
In fact, when flying, the environmental factors will make a safe flight become unsafe, from full control to being charged, and the potential risk to foreign countries is more serious. Don't rely too much on the weather forecast app, you need to concentrate on flying. A professional aerial photography team has questioned DJI. The aerial photography and the shooting lens should be operated separately at the same time. Since DJI has created a good platform for us, practical flying is essential.

2. Takeoff point I will find less attention point to take off, such as the parking lot top floor, site open space, or some open roofs, in addition to fear of unnecessary distractions, but also reduce the trouble for the venue management staff. Even if you get a flying permit, still you don't have to fly in the crowded public square . Because not everyone can accept the noise from the drone, and then it will cause crowds to block the passage when flying. Unless you are  performing fancy fly, otherwise there is no need to attract public attention. These are some of my experiences about safe flight sharing.

Meydan Royal racecourse Hotel
Video overview

The place where the locals complained.
The definition of Blackfly(unauthorized flying) is actually related to the aviation industry. It is said that the inside and outside of the airport or some military restricted areas cannot be touched. Because it takes up the flight space and easily misunderstands the navigation channel, it is known that there are helicopters approach close to each other and choose to fly in black. In the aerial photography regulations, each region is also very clear.
I don't want to bring any criticism here, I just want to say what happens to most private uav. The original warning from the Dubai police is "If there are any images of commercial aircraft, inside and outside the airport, any images of the military and the exterior of the Dubai Royal Palace must be deleted in violation of the rules. If the circumstances are serious, they will be detained."
I am lucky, but I want to say: If you comply with the above conditions, respect the laws and regulations of each place, do not disturb others, just believe that the beauty of the landscape will not be annoying.
The following are the regulations on the relevant aspects of Dubai drones. Compared with other countries, Dubai has done quite a lot of drone regulation. The reference website is as follows:

All drones must be registered before they can be released. The application for admission is as follows:

Applying for the "Guest" UAV Passport requires $120AED, Commercial 520 AED, etc
Application entry:  (10-15 days in advance)

You will find two major platforms, GCAA and DCAA, and the costs are different.
To fly in a restricted area, or to fly above 122m, a drone certificate is required: a commercial drone that drives more than 25kg requires a local drone license, and the MAVIC 1 is not required any
in the green zone airspace.
However, there may be some rules on the website that I feel are out of date. For example, can only fly and cannot take pictures and videos. I only share it here, don't wanna discuss.

From the last video, can see that I chose to fly low. It may be that the low-flying harassment of the guests on the balcony at the restaurant.  When I came back to the restaurant, everything was normal. When I was out, getting ready to go to the next point, there was a local signal me to stay. Under the inquiry, he said that the police about to arrive. At first, I didn't quite understand the reason for the alarm. My wife guessed that it was related to the drone.  I felt that I was in trouble, and I didn’t dare to take photos in front of the police car. I only remembered that there were two policemen. The hotel lobby manager also came out to speak for me, also heard that Dubai people have any dissatisfaction will call the police. Anyway, the mood of the day. Any questions, post me
Have a nice day, guys



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Hello and good day mikejamjazz. Thank you for sharing these information and your wonderful experience in Dubai. Nicely done and Dubai looks fun and amazing.
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Amazing captures and video! Thanks for sharing those information
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United Kingdom

Impressive works
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United Arab Emirates

Nice photos
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Thanks for the share.
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