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Support clobbers this one
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So, i have to say, dji support and the texas repair center knocked my case outta the park.
Three weeks ago my spark fell from the sky. I was in shock. I didnt get the refresh....ya ya i know.
It took me a few days to accept, but when i decided to open a case, i was surprised with the result.
The folks at the support office were fast, like within a few hours i was contacted. I was sent a label to ship my spark, and it was off. Three days later i recived my 1st email from the Texas repair center. It seems as though i was sent an email every time my spark moved from table to table. It has been five business days since i sent my broken drone in, and it is headed back already.
The best part? I was prepared to spend a couple hundred to fix it, however, i was notified it was all under warantee.
Thank you dji. This one was handled well.
5-7 05:20
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Congrats on the happy outcome!
5-7 08:04
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DJI Tony
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Hi, thanks for sharing your experience with our service. We do appreciate your positive feedback to us, rest assured that we will keep improving our service to provide a more better experience to our valued DJI customers. Thank you for your continued support.
5-7 08:12
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