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Help Needed: RC Replacement Constant Beeping Cannot Link
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I'm having a huge problem in which an online 2 1/2 hour DJI chat didn't resolve. I'm hoping that someone here can help me. The following is my issue;
I turned in my MA remote control back in March of this year 2019 due to the antennas not staying in position. I received a replacement within a couple weeks which appeared to be a new remote control. I'm just now trying to link the remote control with my Mavic Air due to not being able to fly due to weather and being too busy. I updated to the newest DJI Go 4 App first before I started linking the new remote control using the directions that came with it (See directions below). Everything linked upon completion without any issues the first time. I then turned everything off and restarted the MA, RC and DJI Go 4 but, as soon as I turned on the remote control it started beeping continuously with a blinking then solid red light on the RC (see video below). At this point, I couldn't connect at all using the DJI Go 4 App. I called DJI support in which they stated that I would need to download DJI Assistant 2 and do a remote control update. I did so and the RC update page showed that I'm on the newest current firmware version Vo1.00.0200. I did a refresh since I was there and I'm still having the same issue. I then did the 2 1/2 hour chat which resulted in a big waste of time. They had me try a Remote Controller Calibration with the sticks which couldn't be done due to the RC being in the constant beeping situation with a solid red light. I then updated to the latest MA firmware (reluctantly) due to being happy with 0.0300 but never the less, I updated thinking maybe that was the problem. No luck..... I never had an issue until I got this RC replacement. Now, I'm at a total loss......... If you or someone you know that had this problem and found a resolution, I would sincerely appreciate some help. Thank you, Ray

5-7 16:42
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I had this issue before but I tried a few times to re-calibrate my RC and it works. In RC calibration menu the beeping should stop once you click on the start button. If this cant help you need to open a case with DJI Support and send the RC for inspection.
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Hi, good day Ray. We're sorry for the trouble that this has caused. Once you already link the Aircraft and RC successfully you may try to perform the RC calibration for us to get rid of the beeping noise. I will be posting an official video tutorial on how to calibrate the RC of the DJI Mavic Air. Please keep us posted on the latest updates for us to further isolate the issue. Thank you for your kind and understanding and thank you for continued support.

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I had similar problem, when I hadn’t flown my MavAir in a while, refresh FW on dji Assistant and do a RC calibration, link once and you should be good .
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