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EXP adjustments and Tripod / Cinematic mode
387 2 2019-5-10
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Hi all

I am new to the drone world and going on a trip and wanted to get some smooth Cinematic shots and not the jerky quick movements that come with the standard settings. I have watched a number of youtube videos and understand that adjusting the EXP settings especialy the YAW settings can help get rid of those nasty quick movements that pretty much ruin a good shot. I have played around with Tripod and cinimatic mode and get a bit smoother footage for sure. My question is if i adjust my EXP settings will that be applied when I turn on the tripod or cinimatic mode?  or are those over writtten when you go into those modes?


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I have reduced the EXP rudder to .20 and the yaw sensitivity to the minimum (50) - this has nicely slowed down pans. Don't touch the gains. Selecting cinematic massively reduces the braking - this will help to smooth out sudden stops and obviously make the footage more fluid and cinematic but will increase the braking distance considerably so ensure to only use it in wide, open areas with little to know obstacles in the path of the drone or you may very well crash. And both tripod and cinematic are still able to be used when adjusting the other settings though tripod massively slows all movements down anyway as you know.
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Hi, good day bennyblanka. Thank you for your query to us. Hope that you could get the best recommendation and suggestions to our valued DJI co-pilots here in Forum. Have a safe and happy flying always!
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