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Dont expect to get your mavic 2 back within 4 weeks.
425 1 2019-5-10
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United States

Sent in the Mavic 2 zoon for repair.   3 weeks later got a response.   I said , i need the thing in like 4 days...they said its not possible.   I said i'll pay 200 bucks for expidited shipping if necessary.    NOPE, NOT POSSIBLE>    Zero.Zero chance.   The representative was almost happy to tell me no.    Texas to Minnesota.  I could literally  Drive there and back in the 5 days they said is the FASTEST they can ship.   
DJI , you not only lost a customer but hopefully my story will hold water with other purchasers who are considering the DJI Care.  Its a scam.   180 bucks to replace (after your DJI Care purchase) , and you'll be looking at 5 weeks.   No way to make it faster.    Well F u DJI.     If someone who mattered had this issue it would be resolved.  NO WAY would it take you 4 weeks to diagnose a problem and more imporatnly NO WAY would a normal company deny a customer in dire need for the drone the oppertunity to PAY FOR EXPIDED SHIPPING to get the unit back for their profession.

Rot in hell....Buyer beware.    contact me at for specifics.  Super happpy to share the experience.     Before DJI blocks me   
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DJI Susan


Sir, we're sorry for the inconvenience caused. I managed to get your case number via the email address. There are two cases about Mavic 2 Zoom registered under your information and the Remote Controller has been shipped and delivered, you may check whether you have received it. As for the aircraft case, the process was delayed due to the data analysis, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Your case has been escalated to the management for better assistance, they will review and contact you during the working time. Hope we can figure this out soon.
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