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It has been a while....
427 0 2019-5-12
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I 2 Fly
Second Officer
Flight distance : 8173 ft
South Africa

It has been a while since my last visit here.  I have flown my Phantom 4 Pro for a while and then bought an Inspire II with X5S camera but only after a few flights I experienced the dreaded issue where the undercarriage refused to lower...  After a long and unpleasant struggle I got a replacement Inspire II but never felt confident with it again and sold it.  Now I'm tempted to buy one again with the X7 camera as it seems to be noticebly better than the X5S.  Three questions - and please excuse me if it may have been answered here somewhere...

1.   Has the undercarriage issue been successfully addressed by DJI or does it still pop up?
2.   If I buy the X7, what else is required to get 6K / 5.2K resolution?  I assume the SSD and Pro-Res license and the lenses?
3.   Is there a X7S / X7R in the making...??

I can only download X7 footage from Youtube - I assume it looks much better coming from the Inspire compared to the Youtube compression?



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