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USA: New Rules For Hobbyists Starting May 17th
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Mark The Droner
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Found this leaked document on the pp site.  I don't see anything earth-shattering.  If anything, it's easier to fly in most cases because now we're no longer required to notify within five miles of every airport in the country.  But we are required to be authorized to fly in controlled airspace.  This implies we need no authorization to fly near uncontrolled airports.  Please download the pdf and read.

I searched for Advisory Circular 91-57B but couldn't find anything.  I guess it's not published quite yet.  

Is your nearby airport surrounded by controlled airspace?  To find out, click on this link below - stay out of or get authorization inside the blue areas.

The above is a wonderful map for drone enthusiasts because it provides a road map with overlaid controlled airspace borders - exactly what we need!  However, it won't advise you about NOTAM restrictions (TFRs).  Here is one that does:

National parks are restricted areas too, but not on the above map.

You might also consider looking at a sectional chart.  I like because you can toggle from the sectional to a road map and back again.

How do you read a sectional?  Here is my favorite informative download for reading sectional charts:

As stated, if your nearby airport's name and designation is written in magenta, it is uncontrolled.  

Edit:  As Sec 336 no longer applies, Sec 349 takes its place.  It's definitely worth a read since these are the rules we must follow.  Most of it is familiar.  Some of it is different.  Sec 349 starts at the bottom of page 112:

When AC 91-57B is released, it will likely be a more concise and readable version of Sec 349, just as AC 91-57A described Sec 336.  It will also likely discuss flying restrictions in the DC FRZ and Disneyland.  I will post it here when it comes up.  

Edit #2:  This was released May 17th:

Edit #3:  Here is AC 91-57B:

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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Mark The Droner. Thank you for sharing these very informative information. Great find and thank you for your support.
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Thanks for posting, Mark.

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The AMA just issued the following to help clarify:

Dear members,
Some of you may be aware of a recent FAA Memorandum that addressed altitude and flying restrictions in controlled airspace. This memorandum was intended as FAA guidance to educate air traffic control facilities (ATC) on best methods to respond to recreational flyers seeking authorization, not as guidance to recreational operators.
Recent legislation under Section 349 (c) states operators in controlled airspace will be required to seek authorization from towered airports, unless flying from a charted flying site. We successfully championed that if you are flying at an AMA flying field or sanctioned event, you can continue flying by following AMA's safety program and within the existing agreements your club or contest director has with nearby airports.
AMA has been in contact with the FAA regarding this memorandum, and we have been assured that our flying sites' current agreements with air traffic control facilities (ATC) will be honored and our members can continue flying within AMA's safety program, as usual. This memorandum was not intended for public distribution, and out of context can read as problematic or contradictory to previous messaging to protect our operations. The FAA clarified this memorandum is just one of many steps in the Section 349 implementation process.  
Future steps in the implementation process will require letters of agreements (LOA) between AMA flying sites in controlled airspace and nearby ATC.  Updates and guidance on how clubs should proceed with LOAs will be provided to our members in the coming days. Please monitor social media and for the latest information. You can reach our offices at 765-287-1256 or

AMA Government Affairs Team
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Thanks for sharing this info.
5-14 15:31
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Thanks for the info!
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Anyone know how if even possible to get apps on the controller. With the recent FAA changes for hobby drone pilots the use of apps like  kittyhawk are needed. Also other apps would be useful. I have seen on other forums that users have tried several methods with undesirable or no results. I know DJI and the FAA along with app developers have been working together. What point is it to work with developers if we can’t use the phantom with those apps. C’Mon DJI release a SW update with the Google account mgr, framework, and playstore so we can use apps that are designed to work with these drones. I have a Mavic Pro and a Mavic 2 Pro that I use my IOS device to control it and kittyhawk, airmap and some other 3D mapping apps are available to use. I would prefer to use the phantom for these tasks as I think the camera and control is so much better.
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We, in Oz,   are supposedly going to be needing registration as of July 1 this year.    I haven't heard of anything official yet though.
As with firearm laws and the like,  it will,  IMHO,  only effect the law abiding citizens anyway.  
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