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S9+ USB C and mavic pro connection problems
719 0 2019-5-14
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Hello everyone,

I bought my first drone - Mavic Pro. Because never had any drone I had alot of trobles with turning it on.
Firstly problems with battery (2/3 was broken) - I search alot on forums, I saw alot of movies. That took me a while till I get it that isnt the way how battery should flash...

Later on I was able to turn it on but I wasn't able to do anything because of my S9+. I spend few hours on forums to find solution how to solve disconnection problem. Once I was able to activate my drone! That was awesome!

For almost everyone having this problem - using different port on RC and own usb cable was a good solution. And this almost works for me also.

Almost because...
- I waking up, disconnecting my phone from charger, driving somewhere, taking out drone - oeps... Forget to take my usb cable...

- if I wont forget it, I have problem with its lenght. I wrapped the cable to make it shorter - again almost good..

- I put cable really realllllly hard to my phone. Finally I have connection! Pretty happy and ready to fly. BUT! Now Im not able to hold RC in proper way. On left side I need to use my 3-4 fingers otherwise I touching usb plug and getting disconnection. Also my wrapped cable is vulnerable to touch.

I know that Mavic Pro is an old thing now. But because we are still able to buy it in shops, isnt this the time when dji trying to solve this problem? I dont know is that software or hardware problem? Its not only problem with Samsung. I dont know also why my phone charging even when I dont plug usb to end. When I use it with my PC it also work fine. But with RC I need to push it really hard and is still not good.

I want to hear also your solutions for this. I already ordered a shorter usb 3.0 to c with 90 degrees plug, so I hope it will work as original should work.
Second option is extra higher holder for my phone. But maybe there is something better?

Thank you for any advice and sorry for my english.
Best regards,

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