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OSMO POCKET FAILED after returning from DJI
64 1 5-17 08:02
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United States

I must admit I have a plethora of DJI products, but the repair and response I have gotten from DJI SUPPORT deserves a F'ing F!! I purchased a POCKET OSMO and it worked for 15 days. Stopped being able to record media. Sent it back to DJI REPAIRS and they sent it back "REPAIRED." Well the unit NEVER worked since I received it back and now I have to send it in AGAIN for them to repair it. Why not just do the most logical thing and that is just send out a new one, or make sure that I can go and pick one up from a DJI store here in Miami? Now i'm without a unit and what sucks is I was going to use this for something specific on a shoot. Now I have to purchase another one. Not happy with DJI currently.
5-17 08:02
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DJI Diana
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Hi, we're sorry for the unpleasant experience. Could you tell us your case number? We'd like to check the exact status and try our best to help.
5-17 12:36
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