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Storymode still not working
33 1 5-17 12:17
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Hello, does somebody also have problems with jsing the storymode? I'm using Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (Android 8.0.0) and with several updates of the mimo app i was able to reach diffrent steps but never finally finished one single story.
With the latest update of mimo I'm not anymore able to end the second cut because the record button in the mimo app freezes.
In the mimo version before i was able to record all scenes but the export just run forever - without showing percentage of export. Again some sort of freezing.

Can I do something except buying a new phone? I did reinstall the app already.

Thanks for any suggestion,

5-17 12:17
Use props
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I have the same phone and the same problem. Story mode is completely useless.
5-19 11:20
Use props
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