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Max travel distance
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Flight distance : 407474 ft
United States

The max travel distance is 4.3 miles or 22704 feet. I haven't seen that many people who reached this travel distance. What is the furthest distance the drone can travel with amplified signal - different antenna, etc?
5-17 14:00
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day. Thank you for reaching out and for the inquiry. I hope that you will get the best information from our valued DJI co pilots with regards to there experience regarding this matter. In addition the DJI Mavic Pro's max total travel distance ( One Full Battery, No Wind ) is at 8 mi ( 13 km, no wind ). Finally I will be posting a link where in you can check the overview and the specifications of the DJI Mavic Pro. Thank you.
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Lonesome Crow
First Officer
Flight distance : 225648 ft
United States

The operator of the small UAS must always be capable of maintaining visual line of sight of the small unmanned aircraft unaided by any technology other than glasses or contact lenses.

See 14 CFR § 107.31 - Visual line of sight aircraft operation in reference to this.

Maybe why there is not a lot of folks posting about that.
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Flight distance : 9214 ft

In several mavic pro reviews, I have always read that it reached 7km. But I've never managed to go beyond 4km with amplified signal.
5-21 04:29
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 551581 ft

I won't be recommending the usage of 3rd party accessories as those are sold by entities who assume no responsability;
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