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SD card causes computer/phone to crash
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I've been flying this drone for two years, and film in 4k, shoot raw, ect - never had an issue, never crashed it, got very lucky (always flying above the trees).  I have one more day of vacation left, and I tried two sd cards, and same thing happens.  After filming, when I insert the card into my phone I see the images and the phone freees and closes the app, other sd card does the same thing.  Is there a drone update that fixes it? Is there a way to reset the software on the drone? I have no idea what happened.  Please someone help.  I really want to recover the images that are on the sd card and going forward I want it to work
5-17 18:31
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If the SD card makes the Windows PC crash, try to use it on Mac, or vise verse. and if the SD card can be used on one of your computers but still not showing up (showing as a RAW disk), you can follow with my experience to get back your videos, download Bitwar Data Recovery and then scan the videos from your SD card. Good Luck.
5-21 02:04
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