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Dear Dji,

    My name is Tri Tanuwidjaja,  I am a hobbyist of Dji products.  I had been a enthusiast of your drones since 2015. I started with Spark, then upgraded to a Mavic Pro Platinum, then a Mavic Air. I purchased 3 Mavic Airs, because I enjoy these drones so much. Last year when I saw dji came out with Mavic Pro 2, I was very excited, I couldn’t wait to get it; I saw tons of video about Mavic Pro 2 they amazing especial the “APAS” and “Active Track” mode.  When I received drone, I flew it every day, exploring all the features that Mavic Pro 2 has.  One of the features that I love so much is the active track. I like this feature because the drone can follow me, while detecting an obstacle in front of it and knowing how to dodge the obstacle. Unfortunately I got to enjoy the great feature for only short while.  This is where the story of my issue began.  After 2 weeks from receiving the Mavic pro 2, I tried to fly it and turn on my APAS, I felt something doesn’t work like it use to; The first thing I noticed when I highlighted the ‘Apas” was that it turn blue, but it doesn’t have any notification “APAS Enable”, then I flew it with APAS turned on. The drone sees the obstacle, but doesn’t dodge it, instead it “STOP”. When that happened I did the basic trouble shooting  such as uninstall and install dji go 4 apps, compass calibration, using assistance 2 apps I downgrade to factory setting. I did sensor calibration also, but it still doesn’t work. I listed my experience dealing with DJI customer service. This is suppose to a simple issue, but Dji does not believe their customer.   

1.  (CAS-2430727-C3W2J1)      

   Mid September 25, 2018, I Purchase Mavic pro 2 zooms.  First 2 weeks I flew several times using the APAS mode and it was working great.  After 2 weeks flying the Mavic 2 pro, I notice when I turned on the APAS there was no notification like usually shows “APAS is enable”, when the drone hit an obstacle it doesn’t go around it, but instead the drone stops.  I called DJI customer service and they asked me to do sensors calibration, remove/reinstall DJI go 4, and down grade to factory setting.  So after doing all that it still does not work. DJI decided to ask me to send the drone to DJI Repair facilities.

   November 12, 2018, after checking by DJI’s technician, they decided to replace a new drone back to me, and ask what had happen? They said it had malfunction chip that needed to be replaced. I flew the new replacement drone for several days, the Mavic worked great again; the “APAS” mode turn on notification show “APAS is enable” I was enjoying it!  One morning I started to fly it again, the first thing I noticed was it has no notification “APAS is enable”, this time the APAS is not working again.  During this time I had to go to Indonesia I brought my broken drone back with me, when I was in Indonesia, I brought my drone to DJI distributor in Jakarta, and I ask them about my APAS; so they test flying it the technician said they never encounter similar issue like mine.  So they suggest sending it back to DJI.  When I arrived back to SF, I decide to do a little searching in regard similar issue, I found one person have similar issue.  I contacted him, he was angry with the DJI and was in the process of filing a lawsuit against DJI, because DJI doesn’t want to honor the warranty, so anyway I decide to call DJI again and they ask me to send the drone back.

3. CAS-2671575-D0N4L2

   So after a few days in DJI’s repair facilities, I received an invoice showing $0 to pay and DJI sending the drone back.  I thought drone was fixed.  As soon I received it, I tried to test it, again I notice when I highlighted the APAS it doesn’t have any notification “APAS IS ENABLE’, sure enough when I tested it, the drone did not go around the obstacle. I contacted again to DJI, but this time they escalated my case to supervisor.  I spoke to Francis (supervisor), after talking to Francis he asked me to do a video showing what I am experiencing with drone. So I did, and he asks me to send the drone back. FYI THE VIDEO IS USELESS IT DOESN’T HELP.

4. (CAS-2914392-P9K6R0)      

   Now the drone is back in DJI repair facilities. I call them every day and they seem that they don’t know how to handle my case. After Being in the DJI facility for 2 weeks, finally DJI has to something to say. DJI told me they cannot warranty my drone, because there were scratches on my lenses and ask me if I crashed it? The Answer is No, they ask why there were scratches on the drone? I said probably the scratches occurred during the packing process. I was so frustrated, that I decided to request it be escalated to the manager. After 2 days of waiting, I received no call from a manager, I decided that I had no more patience for this situation. I had already spent many hours everyday talking to DJI, so it was not worth my time to argue with them. I decided to exercise my DJI CARE, I had to pay $119.

5.     A few days later (5/2/2019) I received my new replacement drone back. I         
flew it and using the APAS mode, and it flew perfectly. It calculated the path when the sensors seen the obstacle, it went around, dodging every obstacle.

May 4th Sherry (manager) call me, she was very sweet, I felt relieved there was someone from DJI who cares about their customers experience.  So I explained everything I experienced with the drone. I told her I just got my replacement from ‘DJI CARE” a new drone that I had to pay $119 and I told her this drone was working fine; The APAS  is working great.  She told me she going help to get my $119 back.  

On (5/7/2019) when I start turn on the APAS there are no showing on the screen “APAS ENABLE” , right away I knew I am facing the same problem.  So I made the video please take look .

6.       5/8/2019.  The following days I received a rejection letter from Sherry stating that the claim for $119 was rejected, with the reasoning being that she couldn’t find any issue with my drone, she said she already talk the highest technician guy, they check my drone and no Issue.  I am not worried about the $119, even though I do not feel it’s right that I have to exercise my DJI CARE to get a fully functional drone back.

7.  Cas 3047614 case.  

     Now I face similar problem with my replacement drone, that I had to pay $119
By using my DJI care.  This time when I call, DJI custormer service they give me the run around.  They give me promise after promise but this issue is not going any where.  Now I have malfunctioning drone,  which has me scared to fly. Dji, make it right to your custormer

5-17 19:26
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DJI Mindy
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Hi there, you have our sincere apologies for the unfortunate experience with Mavic 2 Zoom and repair center. The last case is a complaint case and the higher level team is following up your case. At the same time, your concern has also been escalated to our engineers for further analysis, if more info is needed, I will come back to you immediately. Sorry again for all the inconvenience caused.
5-17 23:27
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DJI Mindy
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I have sent you PM, please check, thank you.
5-21 03:50
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