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Ronin M balance issues
6712 4 2015-6-7
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United States

Hey I just have a quick question,  I've been a ronin owner for about 5 months now, and I have no problems balancing the original ronin with any camera/ lens set up..  However I just bought the Ronin M, and for some reason I just cannot get a 6D with 17-40mm lens 100% balanced.  I can get it to balance staying perfectly straight (photo attached) but if i try tilting it UP, the camera will go UP.  If i tilt it DOWN, the camera will go DOWN. I can't get it to stick in every position.  I don't even understand how that can happen... i dont know how it can be front AND back heavy.... Whats even more confusing is that when I turn on the Ronin and run auto-tune it doesn't give me a alert saying I need to rebalance the camera, and every axis power stays between 0-3. So the ronin's motors aren't being stressed even when I'm tilting/panning with it.
So to summarize, I just want to know if every camera/lens setup suppose to be perfectly balanced?  Does the camera HAVE to stick into positions when I move it around?

I've attached photos and video to show why I'm confused.  (i apologize video isn't that great I was holding my phone with one hand and moving the ronin around with my other)

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Hong Kong

Hi, can't open your video.
From your description, is your Ronin-M in the smooth track mode?
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Ronin-M is kinda harder to balance than Ronin..i guess due to its smaller size/weight...vertical adjustment is critical for finebalance roll & tilt..if camera sits a little higher in vertical axis it will have that weight shift :back & front heavy..left & right heavy. Try to lower the camera in small steps and you'll see that tilt and roll will start behaving normal
Also you have not attached correctly the gimbal to the handlebar...the gold lock button should facing backwards...right now the gimbal is not safe locked ?
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Hong Kong

Lower your camera, may be the tilt balance is the problem
I guess the len release button shall be level with the motor
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United Kingdom

Im having same problems using a 6d and a 24-70mm 2.8 l. Itgets ridiculously worse when you add a follow focus rail and follow focus unit. I have been advised to add counter balances by dji which are ridiculously expensive. I guess this is the way things go in the digital camera world though its not specific to dji. Also youll need a new base plate as the one that comes with the ronin m doesnt have any fixings to fit counterweights at the back, there are 3rd party options out there I have seen. Usina a tap and die set and a hunk of steel or iron you could easily craft your own counter balances. This is ofcourse all a right pain and you would think DJI would release a comprehensive guide to rectifying these problems as its a constant game of cat and mouse trying to resolve these problems
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