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'Easysave' - everything you wanted to know
3240 2 2019-5-20
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I thought it might be useful to gather information about this mysterious new feature in one place.

It's in the latest version of the Mimo app - added to the scrollable items next to the record button.

Apparently it records direct from the Pocket to the phone, using the phone's mic.

There seems to be no controls for selecting most parameters, eg resolution and frame rate.

There are a bunch of sliders available by clicking the face symbol on the left side of the display, but in a very brief test here, they seemed to have no function.  They also seemed very hard to adjust.

Anyone able fully to describe the feature?  And is there a useful purpose for it?

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Other than saving directly to the smartphone and using the phone's mic, I don't see anything it does. I'm gonna guess it's the first step in enabling us to livestream from the Osmo Pocket, via the phone's native live-streaming capability, but I could be wrong.
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If you want to see what it does, Bring up a photo of a face on your monitor and frame it with the camera. Select Auto, it is very subtle but when you hit reset you will see the face switch back to normal....Hope its for streaming in future update...

Also want to hyperlapse in 4K....

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