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Correcting overexposure on sections of continuous video?
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Ex Machina
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Hi all,
How do you folks go about compensating for exposure issues in only parts of your flight videos?

I love taking photos with my Mavic Pro but confess to having been too lazy to do much with video, mostly due to the time commitment and my rudimentary skills as a video editor. What I usually do to handle exposure issues is to lock my settings, fly a path, adjust settings for the next path, etc, but in this case I wanted a continuous loop around a sunward and shadowed landscape -- where I locked settings for the shadowed landscape, exposure of course looks good, but when I curve back into the sunward side, things get a bit bright.

The flight loop:

I'm using Premier CC -- anyone have some tips or tutorials to share? I've looked over several but have yet to find one that covers my use case. Thanks in advance.

5-20 07:56
Use props
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United Kingdom

Excellent info - thanks for sharing
5-21 00:02
Use props
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