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Second Officer
Flight distance : 286654 ft
United Kingdom

[size=14.6667px]Some advice please. Was flying Sparky off the back of a yacht recently. Palm take off and all going well until suddenly would not respond to right joystick and started disappearing. Skipper kindly whipped down cruising shute and went in pursuit. After a short[size=14.6667px] [size=14.6667px]while RTH came into force, I assume because it was now over safe distance from the Home Point way back down our track. Cancelled RTH and RC started working again when we got closer and we had a happy ending with some good footage and a tricky landing on a[size=14.6667px] [size=14.6667px]bobbing yacht! Should I have continually updated the home point? I thought if you selected the right hand Home Point option then the Home Point was always where the RC was - but this does not appear to be the case. Had lots of near misses on this trip but[size=14.6667px] [size=14.6667px]fortunately all have ended well and I have learnt such a lot.
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Flight distance : 3002054 ft

The HRP-RC are always at the cordinates when you push the button, but you havet to stay there, move to a new cordinates and you havet to push the button again.
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