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Micro SD card
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Hi all,
Just picked up my Osmo Action today and had a quick question about the Micro SD card slot. Is the Micro SD card suppose to lock into the card slot, thus holding is securely even when the USB latch is open, or does it sit loose in the slot and is pushed into place when you close the door. The reason I ask, is that for my Osmo Action it does not lock into place, and thus I cannot record while the USB door is open, as the card is not seated correctly until I close the door.
Thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.

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It is one of those push in sufficiently to lock and then you push the inserted card a bit more to release it.  So make sure you are applying enough pressure to overcome the spring's initial resistance.  But it should go in and stay in place with no edge extended.
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Hi WoodyAU, the SD card should be locked in place even the cap is opened, please insert the SD card with your nail. If the SD card is still loose, any chance to share us a short video?
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If you have no nails, it's nearly impossible to manually push the card in all the way in place. I had to use an external tool.
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