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drifting and not pointing straight. No reset works
138 0 2019-6-2
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any other time I am trying to use my Ronin S there is some issues popping out and I have to call the shooting off due to that, so before I chuck that in the bin, I'd like to know if there is a way to have a more stable and reliable machine to work with because is getting very costly now to pull off filming days because of that, I am sorry if I sound upset, but I cannot really afford to spend more money on flights with everythign set and ready to go and then on set it won't.
This morning after my usual calibration, the Ronin decided to point sideways and ther was nothing I coud do to reset. I then decide to keep filming anyway the best I coud with a completely wrong setup and an off axis gimbal.
Now, back at home it decided to keep spinning instead, and again there is nothing to reset that, apparently.
I tapped the trigger 4 times and hold, moved the the stick in every direction, tapped 4 times and hold, to save, but it didn't sort the issue.
Then I tried to hold the "joint angle" option in the app clicked on ok but it didn't sorted the issue.
Did it many time with differents results but the right one.
Is there anything els I can do?
I am abroad now with the last chance to film an interview on tuesday. If that won't work I will have to call the shoot off and loose the client.
Use props
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