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USB-C Male to Female cable for detached wifi adaptor?
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If I've got my Osmo P mounted on a tripod (via PolarPro 'cage'), struck somewhere inaccessible, can I 'dangle' the wifi adaptor off a USB-C Male to Female cable and expect the app to control the camera?

If that doesn't make sense:
I want to use the wifi function to control the camera from somewhere I cannot easily access it. The only feasible way to do this is with the PolarPro cage and a tripod/grip/etc. But that doesn't allow me to attach the wifi adaptor. SO the plan is to attach a USB-C male/female cable from the Osmo P to the wifi adaptor in the hope that the wifi controls will pass along the cable from the wifi adaptor to the camera.

Q. Has anybody employed this system, and if so, if you got it to work, which cable did you get? The reviews of M/F USB-C cables on are confusing and err on the depressing side.


6-3 06:00
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