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Can I use a Platinum battery in my original Mavic Pro ?
1351 2 2019-6-3
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I bought a Mavic Pro platinum battery to be used in my original Mavic Pro. The drone has the latest firmware installed but the Android DJI Go App is not the latest version since the latest version has issues with my Nexus 5X phone.
The Platinum battery arrived half charged. I attempted to charge it using my Mavic Pro charger on the 4-battery hub (all original DJI parts) and it failed to charge. Also when removing the hub, direct charge failed. It lit its first LED for some seconds, then all leds off, first LED on again.
I then tried it on my drone but it failed to start the drone, only the top LED was on during my attempts to power the drone.
The battery has been sent back this morning and I ordered a fresh Mavic Pro battery which is a little more expensive.
Is this a known issue ?
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The only difference between Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum batteries is the color. It sounds like you had a defective battery.
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. The battery for Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum is interchangeable, therefore, the battery of the Mavic Pro Platinum can be used to the Mavic Pro. However, if this specific battery would not power up the drone and it would not respond to the charger, I'm afraid that the battery needs to be in service. You may reach the dealers of this battery or our support via the link below. Thank you for your support.
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