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DJI Osmo Action (Mimo App) connect to Huawei P20 Pro?
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Flight distance : 108 ft

Hello, everyone,

I despair of the connection between my DJI Osmo Action (Mimo App) and my Huawei P20 Pro.

Has anyone of you ever managed to let the two work together?

Here's what I tried:
  • WI-FI+ switched off (mobile phone)
  • WLAN and Bluetooth activated in aircraft mode (mobile phone)
  • WLAN connection reset (Osmo Action)
  • Switched to 2.4 GHz (Osmo Action)

All without success. I get the error message the "Ensure Osmo is powerd on and place it near the mobile divice".

do you have any idea what else I can try?

Thank you,



6-4 04:23
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United States

I remember that the connection kept ending and that I had to restore it on the camera.

I really believe that when you buy a product, activation should only require providing a serial number and not have to be an online connection between the product and the seller.  Things going bad like this leave a sour taste in the purchaser's mouth.

Good luck

And can you try a friend's device just to get going.  You can update the firmware by downloading it from DJI site and placing the extracted xxx.bin (ships in zip format) on an sd-card.
6-4 15:37
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Second Officer

I must admit i find this activation a bit annoying too, or at least this way of doing it.
I was able to activate my OA with my phone, but the following firmware update i was not able to do, so had to do that the old fashioned way by downloading the update unzip it and put the .bin file on the memory card.
That way of updating are no problem for me,i have done that for years with other action and dash cameras, and really the less i touch my damn phone the happier i get, and i touch it very little like minutes a week.
I will also try and do the update on the phone when the next firmware arrive, but i must admit i have little faith to this approach.

I can see the activation need from a view of fighting pirate copies and for customer care and support, so in that way it is fine.
But please remember some people might not have a damn smart phone, i for one just have one now so my dear old sick mother can get a hold of me, the second she pass away my phone go in the trash as really i have no need for it.
Also some people might be on a very old phone ( not smart or very old OS version ) or on a devise not supported like i understand the now gone windows phones, so IMO activation should be entirely voluntary and not need a phone to be done.
CUZ as we have seen this cause nothing but grief for some people, and this no matter how valid or the cause for it will reflect bad on the brand,,,,, and really you don't need that as a brand.

Yes i know most of the world are phone whores, but really this is a trend no one should facilitate. WHO should soon have a name for that decease cuz really its at that magnitude i think.
6-5 02:02
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Flight distance : 108 ft

Hello everyone,

after the firmware update to the version "OSMO_ACTION_FW_V01.03.00.10" the connection between the DJI Mimo App on the Huawei P20 Pro and the DJI Osmo Action works now.

Best regards,

6-11 11:38
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