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Your aircraft has entered a warning zone
1812 1 2019-6-10
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Flight distance : 2674 ft
United Kingdom

First post here, so I hope I’ve not broken any rules, if I have, please accept apology in advance?

I always attempt to fly safe & in the UK this is quite hard to achieve.

Yesterday, I went to what I believe to be the only official flying field for drones in the UK, in Richmond Park London.

When taking off with my DJI Mavic Air, I was surprised to get a large message from DJI GO 4 app, covering the majority of my iPhone 7 screen saying “Your aircraft has entered a Warning Zone (Class D Airspace) Please fly with caution” I appreciate that this message was due to being close to the flight path into Heathrow airport & that helicopters fly over Richmond Park, so I could understand. But what was really annoying was, that try as I might, I could not clear the message from the screen? There was a “Yes” highlight, which suggested I should be able to clear the message, but I just wouldn’t go. In fact the message was making my flight more difficult!

Is this a known problem with the DJI GO 4 app?

I could take photos & start video recording, but the message obscured so much of the screen I couldn’t judge if I was getting the shots I wanted?

Quite disappointing.

Any comments would be appreciated

Use props
Flight distance : 871201 ft

Restart app
Use props
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