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On Ride POV from a couple of classic Disneyland attractions
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Last week I had the opportunity to visit Disneyland in California and I brought along my Osmo Action to bring on some of the rides... Here are a couple of of on-ride videos that I took while there:

The Incredicoaster:

The Matterhorn:

I have to say that the OA does a nice job on quickly focusing after coming out of a dark portion of these rides, and the sound quality is quite good for an action cam.  Couple of things I want to see in future FW updates:

1. The delay between what you see on screen and what is happening in RT when RS is on is corrected.
2. Somehow they add GPS, so that you can add Telementry or a speedometer or something just so people can get a sense of how fast you are going, or high, or the layout of the ride.
3. They need to come up with shorter auto screen turnoff options... I could have sworn that pre-FW update, my screen was shutting off after like 15secs, but now the shortest they have is 1min.  This kinda stinks if you are filming a dark ride or something and you do not want to the light from the screen annoying the other riders...

6-18 07:49
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Hello and good day Parisi2274. Thank you for reaching out and for this amazing video from Disneyland you have shared with us today. This is an amazing experience and thank you for your support.
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Very cool video
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Hey Parisi2274 very nice videos and thanks for sharing them.
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