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Care Refresh Express
2097 2 2019-6-20
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I have a water-damaged Mavic 2 Pro that has been returned to Cerritos (CAS-3160619-Y8N9J8). DJI has told me that the repair cost will definitely exceed the replacement fee so I wanted the Express option. I’m told that is not available to Canadians. That is unfair and illogical. I paid the same price for Care Refresh as Americans.

There is no point in waiting for the estimate. Can you activate the Express option for me, please?

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First Officer
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United States

Bruh.. They will not be able to activate the express option, no matter who you talk to, escalate to. You're pretty much stuck in limbo until they access your Mavic. Be prepared to pay ~$300USD and wait 3-4 weeks before you receive it back.

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DJI Mindy
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Hi there, there must be some misunderstandings, the difference between DJI Care Refresh and DJI Care Refresh Express is damage assessment and quotation are not required, which shortens the time required for replacement. To enjoy DJI Care Refresh Express, you need to fill in an application form for DJI Care Refresh Express and pay the replacement fees in advance before sending in the drone.

In your case, the drone has already been evaluated and quoted, DJI Care Refresh Express is unavailable to be applied in this situation no matter for the Americans or the Canadians or the users in other countries. But we do apologize that the DJI Care Refresh Express is not available in Canada at the moment, please stay tuned to the latest news in our DJI official website, thank you.
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