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DJI Knowledge Quiz ?
414 1 2019-6-21
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United States

I was at a remote location when I got hit with a FORCED DJI Knowledge Quiz: I had no way to abort I was forced to stop and take the 'Quiz' on the LAST question I lost connection to the network (remote location) and ended up being forced to turn my tablet off (When using a DJI app you can not access anything else). Now when I try to fly the Quiz appears then aborts with an error and I can NOT get out of it, I'm forced to power cycle my tablet!
DJI, please hire programmers that understand error handling, I should never be forced to abort a flight and waste hours of my life due to your lack of programming skills. If management asked for this behavior then they need to find new employment. After returning home and RECHARGING all devices I fought the Quiz twice, the thrid time it aallowed me to 'take' it again and complete it, I truly hope you understand how much I resent this, upsetting customers is never a good policy.

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Hi, there. Thank you for reaching out. On behalf of DJI I extend my sincere apologies for the issues that you have experienced. We will forward this concern of yours to our designated department for attention. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind and understanding. Happy flying always. Cheers!
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