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Map Update for DJIGO (for older drones)
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This maybe a repeat post but I could not find this answer to readily. I figued I would share this all of you.

I had trouble with no maps being in the mapbox for DJIGo (for older drones) in the CrystalSky. I would get no maps at all. All posts said that I had to upgrade the DJIGO software to version 3.1.52 in order for the maps to work.  I could not find a way to get the Crystal Sky updated

Thanks to a DJI support person, Jobin, i was able to get it updated and heres how I did it.

Make sure you are connected to the internet with the Crystalsky

In the DJIGO app, open it and at the bottom right, look for the Me selection. Its got the profile of a person. Click on that.
Login to your DJI account.
Once logged in, go to settings on the bottom of the screen in the Me area.

In settings, click on "check for updates"
It will download version 3.1.52
Once downloaded, it will ask you if you want to update. Click on "Update"
Once updated, make sure you resart the Crystal Sky by turning it off.
Power on the Crystal Sky and go back into the DJIGO app.
Once you are in there, look at the Mapbox and it should have a map displayed

Hope this helps!

6-21 15:41
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Hello and good day jazzyjeff. Thank you for sharing this informative information with us. Great work and thank you for your valued support.
6-22 08:26
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