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Dji spark compass issues PLEASE HELP
753 0 2019-6-22
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Dan J Marki

United States

So I bought my dji spark used a year ago I had to replace a motor shortly after due to previous owner but the spark flew fine I used dji go 4. Just recently I had updated dji go 4 on my iOS device and now I’ve got the gps compass error and I can’t dly my drone the drone won’t stay in one spot it drifts. If I do a 360 yaw spin it instantly gives me compass error and asks for calibration. I’ve done calibration a lot and correctly in the past and now since the update I go threw the process of calibration and after a successful calibration displayed on my phone it immediately goes back into the rotate on side axis and I have to than cancel outta calibration on dji go 4. I bought lenixs to try flying my drone even and I do calibration it says all is good and I still get compass gos error after take off. I’m going nuts here and been losing sleep over this I love this drone and got a lot invested in batteries equipment I hate not to be able fix the issue. Pls someone help. I’ve seen a thing online that maybe my compass is magnetized could this definitely cause my issues but what about the compass configuration repeating after a successful calibration??????
Use props
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