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Polarpro to Pgytech, why I changed
210 2 6-25 06:22
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I just give a small feedback of my new choice. I bought few days ago the polarpro filters. I liked the fast change but I was worried for the impermeability. I finally send back and I bought the pgytech fiters. It’s run and gun too because you put the filter on the original lens. So you will be sure to keep the osmo action dry. I received yesterday, I will try it soon and I hope the glass quality will be the same the the polarpro.

I will post some pictures of the box tonight.

Sorry for my English but I hope I will help some people for choice btw freewell, polarpro and pgytech

6-25 06:22
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I lke that you don't have to remove the original glass protection, but I wonder how far this choice affects image quality. It's probably not a big issue, since keeping the camera water tight is a bigger priority for me as well.
6-25 08:16
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DJI Tony
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Hi, we do appreciate sharing this story to our valued customers. Please keep us posted on the latest progress for feedback when using this particular filter. This would be helpful to our valued DJI Forum members who would like to purchase filters for the Osmo Action. Thank you for continued support.
6-25 08:18
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