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No image, no gimbal rotate, no motor start - SOLVED
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I haven't used my Spark for a few months and planned an excursion today. I charged all batteries overnight and started a basic test before leaving home. I found that:
- connection RC-Smartphone (OTG) & RC-AC worked correctly (5GHz)

- the Go app indicated GPS signal good (even inside the house, which isn't normally possible)

- the image in DJI Go was black
- the Gimbal dial had no effect
- the Gimbal 'switch' (programmed on the custom button) worked correctly
- the normal motor start action - left/right joystick down/in - didn't work
- Red LEDs are solid red
- Status LEDs are green, slow flash

I tried restarting the Spark with no change, I'll try restarting everything after sending this email.
It worked fine last time I used it.

Any ideas? Maybe I forgot something due to memory loss in the last few months.


10 Minutes Later!
sorry for the panic attack. I restarted all devices again and it works. What I forgot to mention from the first attempt was that I got the 'change WLAN settings, OK/Cancel' popup, which I selected Cancel, I thought that's what I normally did.... I selected OK this time. I'm still puzzled by the results of 'Cancel'

7-4 23:02
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The result of "cancel" usually is : Nothing!
All stays like it is, you could direct start flying.
The result of "ok", however, is resetting the bird's and RC's wifi settings.
Which means it restarts the bird. you need to wait till it is connected AGAIN!
7-5 05:17
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Hi, Thank you for reaching out and we do apologize for the inconvenience. Maybe the problem here is the RC didn't establish a proper connection to the Aircraft that's the reason why in your first attempt there is no connection at all. However, we're glad to know that you already manage to resolve the issue on your own. Well done and Happy flying always!
7-5 10:04
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