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Cendence and Focus Wheel 2
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Hello all, I hope you are all well.
A question on the Focus wheel 2 on Cendence.

Inspire 2 Dji X5s M4/3s camera. CS 7.85 High brigh.  dji go 4 app is in MF mode

I have the focus system connected , the tiny blue led light is blinking , power button is ON.

The focus knob on the Cendence works to control focus but not the wheel.

I also have the patch anrtenna and external GPS module. they are all "daisy chained" using the CANBUS hubs.

i plugged up the patch antenna and the focus wheel (through the patch antenna hub) only and the wheel still does not adjust focus.

the led light on the focus wheel is blinking so im guessing its not "connected" to the system?

Is there a procedure that I need to go through to connect the focus wheel 2 to the Cendence to get it to change focus?

thank you for any help.
7-6 15:50
Use props
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